Hoof Care

Cavalor SoleMate

Hoof paste developed for natural maintenance and to prevent hoof pain
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  • Cushioning and softening hoof paste
  • Natural preventive care against hoof trauma
  • Made with magnesium sulphate, arnica, iodine and pine tar

Magnesium sulphate has pain-relieving effects, while arnica helps to reduce inflammation in the frog and sole. Cavalor SoleMate also contains iodine as a broad-spectrum antibiotic and pine tar to help maintain optimum moisture balance in the hoof.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

1.Clean the hoof
2.With wet hands, apply Cavalor SoleMate to the dry hoof
3.Apply just enough to completely cover the frog and sole.
4.Cover the paste with wood shavings or paper
5.You can then wrap the hoof but this is not necessary

More about this product

Painful or sensitive hooves after trimming or from working on a hard surface? Or is your older horse moving a bit more gingerly now? Make exercise pleasant again with Cavalor SoleMate, a paste applied to the underside of the hoof. This paste works like a cushion, but also alleviates pain. Hoof pain can have many causes – injuries, abscesses, thin soles, white line disease, or working on hard surfaces or at higher intensities.


Cavalor SoleMate paste was developed for natural hoof maintenance and hoof pain prevention. It effectively reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. Apply Cavalor SoleMate to the frog and sole after a hard workout or the day before intensive work such as a competition.

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