Muscle Supplements for Horses

Muscle Supplements for Horses


During brief, intense efforts such as jumping and reining, the muscles extract most of their energy from glucose and glycogen. They don’t actually require oxygen to generate this energy. Starches and sugars are good sources of glucose for short, intense energy peaks.

As the glucose is broken down, this generates lactic acid. The amount of lactic acid (lactate) will depend on the intensity and duration of the exercise. Light exercise such as a basic walk or trot allows the lactic acid to be broken down further.


During sustained effort such as endurance and dressage, these muscles extract energy from lactate or glycogen, which subsequently enters the blood as glucose. Type I muscle fibres use oxygen from red blood cells to convert glycogen and lactate into energy.

Due to its reliance on oxygen, this process will take longer to get going, though your horse can use the generated energy for longer. Good to know: in certain disciplines, such as eventing, your horse will require both types of muscle fibre in equal


understanding is key

A horse’s body has over 700 muscles. Each of these muscles has its own function, such as movement, breathing or digestion. Your horse cannot be in top shape until its muscles are too. To build good muscle, movement is essential.

Diet matters too, and not just the type of feed or its energy value. Protein, minerals and vitamins are also important elements. Causes of muscle problems can be very diverse. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to muscle problems.

Prevent muscle complaints by training responsibly, with sufficient variety and rest.

Muscle supplements serve 2 functions.

  • To build muscle tissue.
  • Help the function of that muscle

To build muscle without simply bulking it up with water needs a quality product.

Fatty Acids and Essential Amino Acids are necessary to maintain a healthy muscle function.

Cavalor Muscle Force is such a product. Used when the horse is in work it helps strengthen muscle.

Cavalor VitAmino is specifically designed to increase muscle mass using scientifically proven ingredients.

Cavalor Muscle Fit is lubrication for the muscles. It helps the horse remove the toxic products that exercise creates. It is the perfect product when your horse has muscle soreness and when you need more then Cavalor Lactatec is your product.

tips to keep your horse healthy

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We’re committed to good health inside and out. Our products – nutrition, supplements and care products – reflect what your horse needs in every sporting achievement, stage of life or special need. Because horses that are happy and healthy are our most valuable asset.