Horse Calmer Supplements

Horse Calmer Supplements


      Recognising the type of calming product you require is the most important step - because not all products are suitable for all horses. We also need to recognise that some horses do not respond to any supplement solution.

      Spooky - sees things that aren't there. Hears things a million miles away. Overreacts to situations. Then consider Cavalor SoZen which has helped horses reduce their levels of anxiety.

      Hot / Sharp - For most horses a magnesium based supplement is the answer and the use of magnesium is scientifically proven to work. Check out Cavalor Calm for regular use or Cavalor Take it Easy for the most stressful situations. Both will help improve focus.

      Mare or Stallion Behaviour - Cavalor Venus is your product.

      Emergency! - Then carry a tube of Cavalor Take it Easy Forte for fast acting help.