Cavalor Muscle Force
Cavalor Muscle Force
Cavalor Muscle Force

Cavalor Muscle Force

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Product Description

A 100% natural high quality muscle building product that actually helps increase muscle mass (with correct exercise) rather than bulk muscles up through storing water. The results remain when the supplement is stopped.


  • Horses after rest or injury
  • General increase in muscle mass
  • Young horses

Getting horse back to their former condition after rest is hard.

Reduced work load or a period of rest means little training. This results in a loss of condition.

The balance of nutrition and work is therefore very important.

Cavalor Muscle Force quickly produces noticeable results, with a uniform development of muscles.

Muscle Force is also perfect for more rapid increase in muscle mass in young horses.

Key Ingredients

  • Natural Amino Acid Concentrate
  • Herbal Mix
  • Probiotica

100% natural substances and contains no prohibited substances for competitive sport, it is now widely used in racing/trotting, western  disciplines, show jumping, dressage and breeding and is often recommended by veterinarians.

Feeding Rate Information

Feeding Rate  30 - 45 g per day
Pack Size 2 Kg 
Pack Lasts   66 | 44 days
Max Daily Rate 125 g per day


Continue to give until full recovery is achieved, but at least for a period of 5 weeks. Maximum rate per animal per day: 120 grams/ 4.24 oz (= 8 sachets). 

To achieve a fast result, it is possible to give double rate (4/5 sachets/day) during the first week.

Customer Reviews

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Muscle Forse

Great product for horses returning from a long rest, combined with ArtriMatrix horses feel fantastic and get fit much quicker