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Not as effective as I’d hoped!

I bought both the Cavalor pastes and powder after reading the reviews. (I was looking for an alternative to another brand which had to be administered daily with a syringe)
Sadly I haven’t seen the same impact with cavalor, which is a shame as I had high hopes and it isn’t a cheap punt!

Hi Rebecca.

Thanks for the feedback. That is quite an unusual report. If you would like to call for some more help using the product please don’t hesitate. Every horse is different and we have protocols depending on the circumstances.

Cavalor Start & Go Soft
Victoria Gosling
Start to go

We had a foal that came back from stud VERY VERY poor so decided to try Cavalor start to go and the results have been amazing, can’t thank Cavalor enough xx

Excellent product

Does what it says - takes about a week to start seeing difference.
I mix it in with water as product does bubble up for a minute and then settles down - when fed dry my horse struggles to eat it (no complaints on the taste though - horse seems to like it)

Cavalor Switch
Dale Roberts

Not effective in anyway for my dressage horse , very disappointing.

Amazing service ideal food for stressy horse

Our mare is very sensitive and stressy, this is the only food she has had that doesn’t hype her up but gives her the energy she need to preform at her best. Great service too

Cavalor Kick up

Seems to be helping with pony

As always fabulous

Cavalor Switch
Isobel Scruton
Relief once inflammation kicks in

I love this product as it really does make a difference if inflammation and irritation has kicked in.. bringing relief to your horse

Cavalor An Energy Boost
Simon Hay-Heddle
Excellent Product.

An excellent product that really helps the horses.
Delivery was prompt. Definatly recomend.


Great product, quick acting very effective.


I have tried other supplements but I keep coming back to Cavalor. Vitaflora does what it clams to do. Would recomend.

Cavalor Hepato Liq
victoria wearing
Fantastic product

Recommended by my vet. A fantastic product.

Cavalor Bianco Spray
Bridget Chaplin

Good product and certainly helped with the stains. However, for my mare who is filthy, the can was very small and wouldnt last too long! Also aerosols are not the easiest things to use on horses. Mine is very good about everything including fly spray but did not like the aerosol can. a hand pump spray would be better. It also made her very itchy.

Cavalor Bianco Wash
Baxter Equine Services
Great on stubborn stains!

I’ve repurchased the Bianco Shampoo multiple times now! It’s great for removing stable stains (add a small amount to a bucket with warm water and wash with a brush or sponge), and for more stubborn stains you can apply the shampoo directly to to stain, scrub, then leave to sit for 5 mins before rinsing! Love it!

Cavalor SoZen
philip morris

Excellent product and very prompt service Thank you

Cavalor Calm
Tracy Caldwell
Game changer!

I have a hot mare and use the Take It Easy syringes during stressful times with great results!

I thought I would try the Calm supplement for daily use.

This is the only daily calming supplement that has worked!

My horse has more focus and relaxation in her work. She's also more relaxed in the stable and field.


Excellent and speedy service Thank you

Cavalor Flyless
Michelle Lawrence

Keeping our horses looking fit and healthy

Cavalor Calm
Janette Cheetham
Not so good.

I seem to think this made our pony worse, so
Took him
Off it. Not sure how long I should of tried it for but certainly didn’t work for us.

Hi Janette

Thanks for the feedback and certainly sorry you didn't find the product working for your pony.

Firstly, no single solution fits all which is why we offer free expert advice on the telephone and live chat. It's certainly true that calming is a very difficult topic as there are so many causes and so many solutions - some of which don't involve supplements at all.

I would certainly advise - as I do to all clients - this particular product needs an absolute minimum of 14 days in order to have any chance of working at all so today puts you only just over this time.

Often resorting to calming products is a result of chronic conditions that simply can't be addressed quickly.

It is highly unlikely to have made it worse however this may not even be the correct product for you - and it is, of course, possible that the pony has gotten worse as the conditions that cause the problem aren't addressed.

I am more than happy to discuss this with you and would be happy to offer you a discount on a future purchase should I consider another product best suited to your situation.

Best wishes


Cavalor SoZen
Barbara Ashdown

Hi unfortunately the calmer did not work at all it had the opposite effect on my pony and he was really anxious and upset .i followed instructions to the letter but pony was the worst hes ever been.

Thanks for your feedback.

As discussed, with this product things can actually get worse before they get better which is frequently a sign that it is working.

Of course, as also discussed, supplements aren't always the answer to behavioural issues - there is only so much they can achieve and remain competition legal.

There are products on the market that are pretty much guaranteed to work in any circumstance as they are natural sedatives - but not competition legal and hence not in our product range.

Best Wishes


Cavalor Star Shine
Susan Woods

Brilliant product does exactly what it says , very pleased with the results.

Cavalor Leather Soap
Carol Thomson
Leather Saddle Soap

Excellent product

Cavalor Juniorix
Dorel Icleanu


Super product

This is the best product I have used on my grey horse. There was a slight delay with the delivery but the customer service was superb and the shampoo was well worth the wait.

Cavalor Flyless
Janine Austin
Superb product

Not only is the smell pleasant enough to wear yourself, this product really works! It seems to stay on the horses for a good 24 hours (although it doesn’t state this on the bottle), allowing you to use less the following day. Others at my own stables have already made orders for the same!